With it being summertime and the temperatures are rising, it’s extremely important for you to take care of your skin. Looking for ways to revamp your routine? No worries, we have laid out some ideas and methods you can try out!

One More Minute of Cleansing!

Simply adding 60 more seconds to your cleansing routine can make a visible difference for your skin. If you are the type to just use one cleanser, we recommend double cleansing with the Beyond Glow Cleansing Oil and Foam Cleanser. That way you are adding extra time to your routine as well as thoroughly cleansing your face to remove sweat, makeup, sunscreen and excess oil!


Don’t Forget Your Chest and Neck!

It’s expected for you to be loyal with washing your face because that’s where people tend to look out of habit; but we also encourage you to start including your neck and upper chest area in your routine. Surprisingly, these two areas on your body are sensitive and need just as much attention as your face.


More Microfiber!

A quick and easy way you can upgrade your skincare routine is by switching to microfiber washcloths. Using microfiber cloths can be beneficial because they can remove makeup or impurities without stripping your face, while also gently exfoliating your face.

Tip: If you aren’t ready to switch over to microfiber cloths just yet, try exfoliating with your regular washcloth and the Beyond Glow Smoothing Peeling Gel!


Spread Out Your SPF!

If you have some excess sunscreen leftover after applying all over your body, don’t let it go to waste! Rather than re-going over the spots you’ve already hit, get in the habit of applying that sunscreen to your neck, hands, feet or ears. That way the body parts you often forget about will be protected too.

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