Spring season is finally here which means it’s time to have fun in the sun while also maintaining a reliable skincare routine as we experience weather changes. To help ensure your skin is in its best condition, here are some handy tips for you to try out!

Beyond Glow Tips
  1. Limit Your Makeup Usage
    Although wearing makeup can help you achieve a glamorous look, it can also impact the condition of your skin. Adding layers of makeup onto your face can cause your pores to become clogged especially when the weather is warm. Also, while several foundations are known to have sunscreen in their formulas, that still isn’t enough to effectively protect your face.
  2. Tip: We advise you to apply sunscreen as your final step in your skincare routine and before applying makeup.

  3. Become Familiar with Facial Mist Sprays
    With the weather becoming warmer around this time of year, you may be likely to sweat more often. Out of habit, it’s common for someone to wipe the sweat off with their unwashed hands which can spread bacteria and oils onto your face. Rather than wiping your face, it’s advised to use facial mist sprays because they reduce excess sweating, cool off your skin while keeping the skin clean from unwanted bacteria.
  4. Eliminate by Exfoliating
    Exfoliating is a method used to remove dead skin cells and dirt from your face while also reflecting smooth, bright results. Exfoliating can make the skin more sensitive temporarily so be sure to apply sunscreen before being out and about. We recommend using our Smoothing Peeling Gel when exfoliating to reduce dullness and improve your skin texture.
  5. Give Your Pores a Deep Clean
    To prevent clogged pores from excessive sweating, we recommend the double cleansing method. By pre-cleansing your face with our Cleansing Oil and then following right after with the Foam Cleanser, you are bound to remove unwanted impurities such as dirt, sweat, makeup and sunscreen while retaining moisture.
  6. Water-Based is the Way
    Because your skin retains more water during the spring and summer seasons, we recommend using our Aqua Boost Moisturizer because it is water-based and lightweight which is good to balance out your oils.

If you think it’s too late for you to improve your textured skin, think again! By consistently applying these tips and using the Beyond Glow skincare products, you are bound to see an improvement in the texture of your skin!


Smoothing Peeling Gel

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Foam Cleanser

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Aqua Boost Moisturizer

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