Of course we all know to wash our faces when we first wake up in the morning and the importance of doing so but did you know that washing your face at night is equally important?  Throughout the day, your skin becomes prone to oil and dirt and it’s vital to remove those environmental elements and any makeup you may have on once you are in for the night. A fun fact to keep in mind is that your daytime skin routine is good for protecting you from outdoor impurities and your nighttime skin routine is good for restoring and repairing your skin from any damage that occurred during the day.


Skin routines at night are essential for your face because you are able to rejuvenate your skin cells which helps it to be more resistant during the day and prevent any damage. Repairing and hydrating your skin cells also lead to a brighter complexion and a tighter face. Since both the morning and nighttime routines have different responsibilities when it comes to your skin, remember to use necessary products depending on the time of day so that your routine is the most effective and shows the best results.

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Wash your face at day and night to help protect your skin
Products to Use for a Nighttime Skin Care Routine:

●     Cleanser: Cleansing Oil + Cleansing Foam

●     Exfoliate: Smoothing Peeling Gel

●     Toner: Moisture Balancing Toner

●     Serum: Moisture Essence

●     Eye Cream: Moisture Eye Cream

●     Moisturizer: Aqua Boost or Moisture Boost Cream

Factors that Can Cause Damage to the Skin:

●     Sun

●     Wind

●     Stress

●     Pollution

●     Sweat

●     Climate change

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