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Beyond Glow Skincare


Global leaders in beauty and technology, Farouk Systems, Inc. and LG Household and Health Care, Ltd. (LG H&H) unite in a joint venture to bring forth the most advanced and cutting edge products for customers worldwide. As global beauty leaders for 100 years collectively, both companies share common interests in innovation and ethical standards. Combining skills and knowledge in hair and skin care, the joint venture will provide the beauty industry with its coupled expertise.

Collaborating with LG H&H, Korea’s leading skin care expert, Farouk Systems’ Beyond Glow Botanical Skin Care unmasks the reviving and advantageous powers of nature while unleashing the pure effects of botanical ingredients. Specially formulated using an ancient Guru Recipe for intense moisture benefits, offers glowing skin and a fresh approach to natural ingredients.

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Find Your Glow

Beyond Glow Botanical Skin Care – A unique natural skin care line inspired by Korean Beauty, catering to consumers looking for instant moisture and glow. Beyond Glow offers intense moisture benefits to alleviate dull, dry skin. Promoting a healthy routine, revealing youthful-looking, radiant and glowing skin.

Rich in nature and focused on delivering results in simple and easy steps, this nature-friendly line provides a simple-step regimen to gently cleanse, smooth and intensely moisturize the skin for an overall healthy appearance and glow.   


Skin Care that keeps moisture balance and provides a natural glow.

  • Formulated with a Moisture Complex featuring Botanicals, Wheat Sprout & Jeju Bamboo from Jeju Island
  • Provides intense moisture and retention for healthy-looking skin
  • Natural botanical ingredients
  • Intensive moisturizing effects
  • Youthful, radiant glow
  • Simple, easy regimen
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Natural Ingredients from Korea’s Jeju Island

A Korean peninsula featuring clean and pristine areas country-wide, has over 4,000 kinds of plant life.

As a Korean based brand, BEYOND GLOW uses  premium, high-quality botanicals and ingredients gathered by locals. Ingredients are processed using special technologies that maximize efficacies which help to preserve the potency of raw ingredients from plant to formula.

Harnessing nature through ancient philosophies, this skin care line delivers the energy of nature and the secret of K-beauty to the world!

  • One of the cleanest areas on Earth
  • Environmental treasure preserving a volcano, scenic views, tropical flora, and traditional culture
  • Largest island at the farthest south, away from Korean Peninsula
  • Warm temperatures year-round (average: 58°F)
  • World-famous for travel destinations
Guru’s Ancient Botanical Moisture Recipe
Beyond Glow - Formula - Natural Ingredient

Crafted by a Korean guru using an ancient traditional local recipe, formulated specially for moisture and retention. Focusing on healthy skin and achieving a natural glow, simple-step skin care regimen is made with premium ingredients grown in South Korea. Featuring a Moisture Complex combining ingredients such as Botanicals, Wheat Sprout and Jeju Bamboo, nutrients are extracted and aged through processes that maximize efficacies. Preserving the potency of raw ingredients from plant to formula, BEYOND GLOW gently cleanses, smooths and intensely moisturizes the skin for an overall healthy appearance and glow.

Ancient philosophies inspired by nature

Who is Local Guru for skin care?

Known as an expert who demonstrates keen knowledge and skill in skin care apothecary, have searched extensively for various ways to efficiently keep and maximize the efficacies of raw ingredients. Considering factors such as the unique properties of the ingredients and their regional location, the most effective process is discovered utilizing their own faith and skills.

Beyond Glow’s “Dam-Um” effectively delivers rich moisture & nutrients into the skin.

  • Mixes Malt Extracts (makes the particles of nutrients smaller) and Wheat Sprout with morning drops (contains rich nutrition & moisture)
  • Mixture is aged for 7 hours
  • Adds in Jeju bamboo(Sasa Quelpaertensis) to improve efficacy of this, so Beyond Glow’s own secret is created
Guru - Beyond Glow - Natural Ingredients

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