When it comes to the beauty industry, it is common to come across many myths about what products are good and bad for you or different tactics to try. We are here to separate the facts from the fibs and let you know what beauty tips are best for you!

Separate myth from fact about beauty tips

Myth: “Your skin adapts to products you use on a daily basis and will eventually stop working.”

Fact: No matter how often you use your skincare products, as long as it is effective for you, your skin should not experience any disruptions. In fact, you may notice that your skin has improved which is proof that your regimen is working.


Myth: “If you have dry skin, all you have to do is drink more water.”

Fact: As easy as this sounds, this isn’t true. Instead, to help improve your dry skin we advise gently washing your face, exfoliating to remove excess dry skin, consistently using moisturizer and using a humidifier indoors if need be.


Myth: “If you’re going to use a moisturizer at night, the label must distinguish it as ‘night cream.’

Fact: The most common difference between the two options is that daytime moisturizer consists of sunscreen protection, which is not necessary at night-time.


Myth: “The more expensive the skincare product is, the better it works.”

Fact: Spending less money on products doesn’t harm your skin and spending more money doesn’t help either. Quality skincare products are based on the formula it contains rather than the price.

Learn the truth about skincare products myths

Myth: “When your skin has a ‘tingling sensation’ that means it’s working.”

Fact: Although this feeling may be satisfying to some, it can be a sign that your skin is responding to irritation which can lead to inflammation. On the other hand, it can be that the products are stimulating the skin and temporary “tingling” is normal. The best way to be sure is to follow directions and read the instructions. If tingling lasts for an extended period of time, do not continue use, it may cause major damage.


Rather than being misinformed, we encourage you to do thorough research when it comes to skin care products. Explore all the Beyond Glow products and start your journey to clear, glowing skin today!

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