How do you plan to celebrate Mother’s Day? There’s no better way to treat yourself or your mother than with a self-care day for all your hard work. To ensure your Mother’s Day is filled with relaxation, below we have laid out some fun ideas for you that can benefit your overall wellness.

Create the Spa Atmosphere

Relax and unwind this Mother’s Day with a luxurious at-home spa day. Leave distractions at the door and set the scene with your favorite plush robe, an aroma of candles or essential oils, soothing music and a drink of your choice. Take your spa day to the next level by washing away your troubles with some bubbles, draw a warm bath and give yourself time to rest and recharge.

Polish Your Pores and Polish Your Mind

De-stress and decompress with a deep cleanse. Perfect for cleansing oil-based and water-based impurities, the Beyond Glow Oil Cleanser and Foam Cleanser are pore-cleaning dream teams. Create a clean slate for your skin with this double-cleansing method that will leave your skin feeling and looking radiant, refreshed and rejuvenated. Finalize your double-cleansing routine with the Beyond Glow Balancing Toner to ensure makeup and impurities are completely removed, while kick-starting hydration by penetrating and strengthening your skin’s natural barrier.

Eliminate with Exfoliation

You deserve a glow-up this Mother’s Day! Whether you’re staying in or going out, pamper yourself and your skin with Beyond Glow Smoothing Peeling Gel. Beyond Glow Smoothing Peeling Gel contains a natural cellulose in which the formula starts to peel as you rub it into your skin, which eliminates dead skin cells and visibly polishes your face to achieve a smooth, healthy-looking glow.

Fun with Facials

End your ultimate at-home spa day experience by indulging in a facial. Pull back your hair and turn on your favorite show, podcast, or tunes while you apply Beyond Glow Moisture Essence to clean skin. Continue layering (don’t be shy! Do as many layers as you’re comfortable with, even up to twenty layers!) by dispensing into your palms and lightly patting onto your face and neck. Gently patting in multiple layers of Moisture Essence will allow hydration to deep-dive into your skin and deliver a youthful-looking appearance.

Easy and entertaining, making your own facials at home can be one of the fastest ways to help your skin achieve a radiant appearance through brightening the skin and retaining moisture.

Stand out as the “cool mom” this year with youthful, healthy-looking skin when using Beyond Glow skincare products!

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