It’s great to have a reliable and consistent skincare routine but it’s not as much fun when that routine becomes long and complex. Overwhelming your face with several different products can cause clogged pores, sensitive skin, breakouts or redness. One of the newest skin trends this year, “skinimalism” has become common and adapted in the beauty industry. Simply put, skinimalism is when someone minimizes their skincare products and overall routine. Rather than layering your face with different products, skinimalism encourages you to use products that you know are effective. Below we have laid out some tips on how to begin your Skinimalism journey!

Embrace Your Natural Self

Blemishes, acne, pigments and freckles…these are all common characteristics rather than “flaws.” Before getting started on your skin routine for the day, take a look in the mirror and determine what actually can be corrected (an unexpected change in your skin) vs. a unique facial feature you have to get used to.

Multi-Purpose Products Are A Must

When it comes to skincare routines, sometimes less is more. In fact, overdoing your regimen by overloading on multiple ingredients and products can cause more harm than good by worsening existing skin conditions or creating new ones by compromising your natural skin barrier. Skinimalism is great because it promotes fewer products but still achieves the results your skin desires. The key to simplifying your skincare routine is finding multifunctional products that provide multiple benefits to address your overall skin health. Beyond Glow products offer a full regimen that will give you youthful-looking, glowy skin and help to maintain the balance of oil and moisture by aiding in strengthening the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Deep Cleansing

Even with a Skinimalism routine, facial cleansers still play a vital role and should be used before getting your day started. To make this step even more effective, we encourage you to double cleanse with the Beyond Glow Cleansing Oil and Foam Cleanser so that the rest of your products are able to fulfil their duties. Formulated to be gentle on the skin, these cleansers are good for removing unwanted impurities.

Smooth Skin

To ensure your skin is bright and smooth, we recommend exfoliating your face 2-3 times a week using the Beyond Glow Smoothing Peeling Gel. Created not to be harsh for your face, this exfoliator can reduce any dullness, improve your skin’s texture and ultimately have your face feeling smooth and moisturized.

Tip: When shopping for skincare, be sure to understand what that product is actually formulated to do.

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