Have you seen skin so beautiful that it seems reflective? One of the newest trends that has arised in Korean beauty is achieving “glass skin”…skin so bright and glowing that it comes off as “luminous.” With dedicated time, just a few steps and moisture as your key factor, you too can have glass skin!

Glowing Glass Skin

Clean Cut Cleanse

Start your skin routine off with the Beyond Glow Cleansing Oil and Foam Cleanser to thoroughly remove makeup, oil and water-based impurities. Gentle for your skin, these two can help maintain your moisture barrier, eliminate dullness and any dry skin you may have.

Moisture Essence is Essential

The next key value step for glass skin is applying the Beyond Glow Moisture Essence. Perfect for all skin types, this product is able to act as a toner and moisturizer to brighten your skin and give you a youthful appearance.

Maximize Your Moisture

No matter your skin type, the Beyond Glow Aqua Boost or Moisture Boost Moisturizer will be a great component in your daily routine for glass skin. Good for balancing out your natural oils, soothing your skin and providing long-lasting moisture, either one of these products will be beneficial in helping you achieve an everlasting glow.

Keep Your Eyes as The Prize

Last but certainly not least, the final step in your glass skincare regime is to apply Beyond Glow Moisture Eye Cream. Formulated to have a silk, moisturized texture; this eye cream will be perfect for revitalizing your eyes while increasing the brightness and give a firmer-looking eye area.

Hop on the latest beauty trend by achieving glass skin with Beyond Glow!

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