During the winter, your skin may experience a lot of fluctuations due to climate change and how often we wear face masks because of COVID-19. Did you know that wearing a mask on a daily basis can affect your skin in different ways? To ensure your face stays refreshed and glowing, we’re going to face the facts on how Beyond Glow is the best skin care to use throughout the year!

The key to prevent breakouts is to wash your face twice daily. Following Beyond Glow’s a seven step guide, you will be sure to see results on how revived and radient your skin is. Because our products consist of natural ingredients such as wheat sprout and Jeju Bamboo from ancient Korean recipes, it is specially formulated to protect, moisturize and brighten your face.

Glow Beyond the Masks
How Can Face Masks Cause Breakouts?

  • Occlusion: The surface of your skin becomes warm and moist from your breath being trapped beneath your face mask which then leads to your pores clogging up.
  • Rubbing: With frequent friction, the bridge of your nose and the areas around your ears where the elastic bands are positioned is where your skin gets affected easily. Depending on how tight the mask fits on your face can be the cause of facial breakouts.
  • Irritation: Your skin’s natural oils are absorbed by the material of the mask which can cause dryness, irritation and sensitivity. Once your skin becomes irritated, dark marks, peeling and dry patches will start to emerge.
    • Tip: Be sure to thoroughly wash your cloth masks as residue from detergents and fabric softeners get trapped into the mask and cause skin irritation

Wearing face masks in public places was something none of us could have imagined or prepared for this year.

Beyond Glow is here and has your best interest at heart. Shop Beyond Glow today to glow beyond your mask!

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