You may think staying inside to avoid environmental factors is good for your skin but it actually isn’t. Believe it or not, indoor air is recycled and could possibly contain pollutants. To keep your face full and fresh, we encourage you to get out and get an “oxygen facial!”

Beyond Glow Smoothing Gel - Exfoliating Gel for All Skin Types

Your Skin Needs Oxygen!

Some great, easy ways for you to provide your skin with some oxygen is:

  • Going out for a walk (with friends, your dog or even by yourself!)
  • Sunbathing
  • Visiting a beach
  • Going to the park

Just make sure to have your sunscreen on!

If you don’t have that much time or access to the list above, no worries! Esthetician and Skincare Expert, Tomás Glenn recommends you get frequent facial massages to reestablish oxygen, and energy flow.


Advantages of Facials Effects from Lack of Facials
Promotes circulation in the face Face will reflect muscle laxity
Tones out facial muscles Increase in facial dullness
Activates lymphatic drainage Occasional skin congestion


Expand Your Exfoliation!

Dry, humid air can sometimes cause your skin to break out in tiny bumps or be flaky which can’t be resolved by drinking water or fresh air. To help with skin matters such as these, we recommend you use the Beyond Glow Smoothing Peeling Gel to safely remove dead skin cells.


Limit Your AC and Heating Usage!

Depending on the weather, you may be ready to crank up your air conditioner or heater, but not so fast! Heating and cooling systems have the ability to reduce the moisture or humidity in the air which isn’t always a good thing. Because our skin requires epidermal moisture for overall protection and to prevent aging, it’s vital we get some sort of oxygen flow as much as we can.


Tip: Using a humidifier is a great and easy way for you to improve the appearance of your skin by adding moisture to your home.

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