Good news! We are excited to be officially “essentially eco-friendly” in the new year! What this means is that we will be providing you with quality and natural products!  Did you know that we cultivate organic aloe and soon to be feminized hemp seedlings for the products you use everyday? Back in September 2020, our CHI Natural Garden was certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture and has contributed towards the launch of the BioSilk Health + Beauty collection to create a line of antibacterial products.


That’s not the only thing that has Dr. Farouk Shami in the spotlight. Recently, he was interviewed by Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Sid Miller on an episode of “Texas Agriculture Matters” which was broadcasted on “RFD TV.”

Farouk Shami In Aloe Vera Field - Featured - CHI Organic Hand Sanitizer

We also take pride in playing our part and giving back to the community as much as we can. Throughout 2020, we donated over $15 million worth of haircare products and hand sanitizers to local food banks, homeless shelters, school districts, hospitals and different counties around the city of Houston. Dr. Shami mentions “as the world battles COVID-19 and Global Warming continues to affect our climate and atmosphere, we must take heed and do our part to improve our environment for all.”


Reducing Our Ecological Footprint One Step at a Time:

Here at Farouk Systems Inc. we don’t let anything go to waste. Instead, we have created different efficiency programs for us to recycle and utilize many materials we have left over.

Materials we Recycle, Reduce or Reuse at FSI:

  • Plastic
  • Air emissions
  • Metal
  • Cardboard
  • Waste ethanol
  • Waste minimization
  • Energy efficiency

What being “essentially eco-friendly” means to us is protecting our customers at all costs which is why we’ve launched a variety of sanitizing products and tools. We urge you to put your health first while staying beautiful.

Shop CHI Sanitizing Products:

CHI Life Germicidal UV Light Lamp
CHI Life Room Sanitizer
CHI Life Handheld UV Light Wand
CHI Nano
Hair Dryer
CHINanoDryer6 CHI Haircare - Professional Hair Tools
CHI Natural Gardens Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

Shop BioSilk Sanitizing Products:

Moisturizing Hand 2 Sanitizer Spray
with Alcohol & Peroxide

CHINanoDryer6 CHI Haircare - Professional Hair Tools

Biosilk Moisturizing
Hand Sanitizer


Biosilk Health + Beauty Intro Kit

CHINanoDryer6 CHI Haircare - Professional Hair Tools

Biosilk Health + Beauty 9-1-1 Hair Rescue Kit


Shop Beyond Glow Products:

Beyond Glow Skincare

CHINanoDryer6 CHI Haircare - Professional Hair Tools

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