Unlike other skincare brands, Beyond Glow’s double cleanse routine is unique in giving your skin a thorough cleanse using natural ingredients sourced from Korea. The double cleansing method originated from Korea and by using the pre-cleanse Cleansing Oil and Cleansing Foam, you are removing makeup, sunscreen, dirt and any other surface impurities all while protecting your skin’s natural oils.

Double Cleansing is Always Better than Once

Why is Double Cleansing Important?: The pre-cleanse oil step works to remove any makeup or buildup on the surface while the foam cleaner works to a deeper clean and minimize the appearance of pores. This method helps to thoroughly unclog surface debris and impurities, giving your skin a clean, smooth appearance. Continuous use of this method will aid in keeping pores clean which decreases the chances of dirt and impurities to build up and congested pores.

Benefits of Double Cleansing:

  • Helps remove buildup from the surface of the skin
  • Refreshes your skin after a long day of being exposed to pollution, bacteria, UV rays, and dirt.
  • Leaves skin appearing luminous

Do I need to double cleanse if I have oily skin?: For those who have oily or problematic skin, one cleanse may not completely breakdown all the debris and excess oil on the surface. Adding in an oil-based cleanser to your cleansing routine is essential for maintaining the pH balance in your face, helps remove excess oils and any skin-clogging impurities without stripping the natural moisture barrier. Since our skin attracts both oil-based and water-based impurities throughout the day, this double cleanse method ensures optimal results for clearer, healthy-looking skin.

When Should I Double Cleanse?: Double cleansing at night helps provide optimal results as your skin goes to work to naturally replenish itself. Removing the impurities that built up during the day helps the skin absorb nutrients giving a healthy-looking glow in the morning. Double cleansing in the morning also gives the skin a clean slate for a flawless natural glow or makeup application.

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