Let’s face it, we all have probably developed skincare habits when it comes to caring for our skin and with some of those habits, you may not know they do more harm than good. Below we will pinpoint some bad habits for you to easily break or avoid before they even become a habit.

Sleeping with a Soiled Face

Whether you have a face full of makeup or natural skin with some sunscreen, going to bed without cleansing your face is the ultimate “no-no.” Throughout the night, your skin takes this time to naturally repair itself from being exposed to different environmental factors which is why it’s extremely important to prep and replenish your skin with fresh skincare.

Tip: Try using the Beyond Glow Cleansing Oil as a makeup remover right before bed!

Prevent from Picking!

Picking at your skin can be one of the hardest habits to break because some people do it unconsciously. It’s also one of the worst habits to adapt because it can lead to increased breakouts, infections, dark spots, extended healing time and maybe even permanent damage. Instead, use the Beyond Glow Smoothing Peeling Gel as a gentle exfoliator to get rid of that dead skin!

Methods to Prevent Picking

  • Spend less time in the mirror
  • Keep yourself and/or your hands busy
  • Try not to overanalyze your blemishes

Maximize Your Moisture

If you are one that has an oily skin type, you may assume that you can skip the moisturizer step in your skincare routine but that is incorrect. Lack of moisture on any face can cause an excess production of oils in your pores which leads to even more breakouts. Made specially for oily and combination skin types, the Beyond Glow Aqua Boost Moisturizer is the perfect go-to for balancing out oils and keeping skin hydrated and moisturized!

Reduce Hot Showers/Baths

Although we all love a nice steamy, hot shower or bath, it’s not really good for your skin. Because the water temperature is so hot, it can make your skin dry and even strip it from its natural oils. Instead, try taking showers in warm water so that your skin can maintain its moisture barrier.

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