Lets face it, we all know washing our faces on a daily basis is an important part of our day but why? Washing your face every morning is essential because you get to prepare and protect your skin for the day, tackle any clogged pores you may have and eliminate unwanted impurities. The morning time is also your chance to remove any product leftover from your nighttime routine.  


Your skin serves as the body’s largest organ and plays the role of a shield for germs, airborne illnesses and infections. It is important to be consistent and cater towards your skin in the morning so that it can continue to protect you, rejuvenate new skin cells and develop a vibrant glow about yourself.

Tip: It is important to use moisturizer in the morning because that’s what keeps your face hydrated and glowing from locking in dampness.


Tip: If you are someone who wears makeup on a daily basis, be sure to wash your face so that you have a fresh, clean surface. Buildup of makeup can cause your skin to breakout. 

Products to Use for a Daytime Skin Care Routine:

●     Cleanser: Cleansing Oil + Cleansing Foam

●     Toner: Moisture Balancing Toner

●     Serum: Moisture Essence

●     Eye Cream: Moisture Eye Cream

●     Moisturizer: Aqua Boost or Moisture Boost Cream

●     Sunscreen 

Factors that Can Cause Damage to the Skin:

●     Sun

●     Wind

●     Stress

●     Pollution

●     Sweat

●     Climate change

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